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Jane is a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with a psychology background and a Nationally Accredited Mediator. As the Principal Consultant at Conciliate SA, Jane is passionate about productive and respectful relationships and assisting separated families to achieve these outcomes through dispute and conflict resolution. Resolving conflict is crucial for minimising stress in our children's environment, and to assist our children to develop optimallly and meet their best potential. Jane has been involved in the helping professions for over 25 years, and specifically with separated families during the last six years.

In addition to working with parents, Jane is also experienced working with their children through the process of Child Inclusive Practice. This involves interviewing the children to identify their level of coping since the separation and their needs moving forward. This information is fed back to the parents and considered in preparation of the parenting plan. 

Teenagers and young adults experience one of the most disruptive yet growthful periods of their lives. Making a successful transition through adolescence is challenging, but a sensitive mentor and professional guide can be a valuable asset during this time. Jane can provide the needed support for all your children, particularly your adolescent or young adult.  

Jane also works with disputes involving civil matters, employment, local government, state government departments, business, not for profits, committees and boards, wills, disability (NDIS), clubs and associations. 

Qualifications: Her qualifications include a BA Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution, National Mediator Accreditation, completing an MBA  and graduate qualification in Arbitration at the University of Adelaide.

Experience: Jane has had over 25 years experience in the health sector in a range of roles including  Project Management, Stakeholder engagement, Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer, Lymphoedema and Chronic Heart Disease; Cancer help line; Consumer Advisor in mental health, local government, business owner and manager.

Memberships: Resolution Institute(RI), Australian Mediation Association (AMA). Member RI State Committee, Facilitative Mediation Sub-Committee and Family Law Sub-Committee

Community Work: RI Committees, President, Blackwood Business Network, providing support to local businesses, advocacy to Council, local events and development of the commercial precinct Master plan.


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