ArticleTeenDrug9Is your teen or someone you know involved in drug use or suffering from an addiction?

We know that young people in their teens can take up drug use for a wide range of reasons. These reasons may relate to friendships, emotional issues, difficulties at home or at school and other environmental factors. Adolescence is such a critical time in the development of our children.

This drug use may be temporary or it may have been happening for some time and become part of the young person's lifestyle. Whatever stage or length of time it has been happening, it's important to encourage the young person to seek some support in understanding how they have arrivred at this place, and how they may be able to start considering avenues for moving through it.

We also recognize the stress, worry and frustration experienced by parents and significant others during this time. You may feel that no matter what you try to do, you are having no positive affect on your child. You may feel helpless and at your wits end not knowing what to do next. It is a very individual situation, and supporting you to manage the situation in the most optimal way is critical - not only for your own sanity, but to avoid further alienating the young person.

Our Approach

Our approach is to support the young person totally; to work with them to understand what circumstances led to the drug use and explore together options for the future. Our approach is based on motivational interviewing - which fully engages the young person in the process and exploring longer term goals that they see as valuable.

We also work with the parent (s) and/or significant others to help them understand how they can best respond in this very difficult situation.

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