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We offer a range of mediation services. These include family dispute resolution for separated couples and families, seeking to resolve disputes regarding child custody, parenting arrangements and property settlements. We also provide mediation services to industry (including government departments, local government, NFP groups, business, clubs & associations). 

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You can express your wishes and concerns

You have the opportunity to express your concerns and hopes for the future

You are heard

Your perspective and ideas are listened to, acknowledged and explored

Your are in control

You are in control - both parties contribute to the outcome of the dispute.

Save valuable time

You can resolve your dispute in one session.

Avoid legal and court costs

Engaging in mediation can reduce or eliminate legal and court costs.

Get on with the important things in life 

Resolving your disputes allows you to get on with postive and productive living.



Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers

*If you are in danger you should call 000 immediately (Australian emergency number) or 131 444 for Police Attendance. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline  1800 799 7233  www.thehotline.org 
1800 RESPECT  1800 737 732   www.1800respect.org.au
 Mensline  1300 789 978  www.mensline.org.au
 Men’s Referral Service  1300 766 491  www.ntvmrs.org.au 
 Lifeline  13 11 14  www.lifeline.org.au
 Family Violence Law Help    www.familyviolencelaw.gov.au


What is mediation?


Mediation (or Family Dispute Resolution) is a process facilitated by a Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), who is an independent, impartial person who assists separated or divorced couples to resolve disputes related to their separation - including children and property.

What is the Mediation Process?


The mediation process guides the participants in clarifying their issues, understanding their origins and the differing perspectives of each party, so that viable options for reaching a mutually agreeable solution can be identified.

The process is also child focussed – meaning that parents should focus on arrangements that are in the best interest of their children.


- encourages involvement by both parents in the children's lives after separation

- provides psychoeducation to help separated parents understand the source of their disputes

- helps them improve their communication skills 

- seeks to ensure protection of children from violence and abuse, and

- helps to create a healthy emotional environment (free of high parental conflict, violence or seriously dysfunctional behaviours) in which their children feel safe and have the opportunity to thrive.

- A parenting plan will then be prepared to document the agreed arrangements. (Separation and/or financial agreements and lodgement of the arrangements with the Family Court as Consent Orders can occur if requested). 

If a financial agreement is prepared, it is recommended that the parties seek independent legal advice about the effects of the agreement on their rights and the advantages and disadvantages of entering into such an agreement at the time the advice is provided. 

How long will it take to resolve my dispute?


This will depend on the complexity of your situation. However, on average, you could arrive at a mutually agreed plan in one or two sessions. There is always a discussion with both parties before the mediation session, and at this session we can discuss with you what you need to do to be as prepared as possible. 

What does it cost for Family Mediation?


Mediation (two parties, family/carers)

- One mediation sessions (including pre-mediation discussion with each party; up to 3 hour mediation session; preparation of a basic Parenting Plan outlining the agreeed arrangements)  $680 ($490 concession) - shared between the parties. 

- Subsequent mediation sessiions: $500 ($420 concession) - shared between the parties. 

- Preparation of Separation, Financial Agreement or Consent Orders $790 ($550 concession) - shared between the parties. 

Counselling (individual, couple, family, teens)

- Single session (1 hour)   $80

- Package of five (3) sessions $220

- Package of five (5) sessions $380

- Package of ten (10) sessions $695

*Concessions apply to Health Care Card holders


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